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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (1)

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the awesome people over at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's freebie week - where you can write about anything you choose - so I'm going with the Top Ten books that made me cry. I'm not the biggest person to really cry while reading something, so these books had something special to them. 

10. Without Tess

This one had a sad ending, but I only teared up. So, it wasn't horribly sad, but it was enough to make me choke 

9. Bad Girls don't Die.

I'm not entirely sure why I teared up for this one, but I do remember doing it.

8. A Need So Beautiful

A little more than Without Tess, but still not too intense.
I did really like this book, and I felt really sorry for Charlotte. I can't wait for A Want so Wicked.

7. Deep and Dark and Dangerous

A lot of you probably haven't read this, but it's an awesome book. Teared up a little at the end. 
6. Across the Universe

Once again, mainly just choked me up a little bit. It's not a hugely sad book, but it has it's emotional parts.

5. Divergent

Another book that's not super sad, but did have so much grit and emotion that I think it'd be hard for me not to cry just a little while reading it.

4. Searching for David's Heart

Random one that I doubt a lot of you have read, considering it's really more MG and I read it when I was younger, but I cried a lot in this one. 

3. Before I Fall

This one's a pretty sad book. It didn't make me bawl, but I did have to wipe away a few tears during it.

2. Looking for Alaska

I cried pretty hardcore around the ending of this one. You might want some tissues.

1. Delirium 

Cried like a baby after I read this one. You'd have to read it to understand why.

What books made you cry? Tell me in the comments! :)


Cait said...

I've only read Divergent out of that list!! I can't really think of any books that made me cry
=/ I read one when I was younger where a baby horse died, that made me cry.

The Cait Files

KreagReads said...

I wanna cry just thinking about Delirium. Such an amazing books. I also wept like a baby with Before I Fall, probably more than I should have. And I need to get reading the others.

Michelle said...

I'm not big on books that make me cry, but one that really got me was My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult. But I also really like your top ten Tuesday picture. Would you mind if I used it until I can make one of my own?

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