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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A new Idea, randomness, and questions.

Part One: The New Idea

    Recently, I've been thinking back on blogging and how it's changed me. I've become comfortable with the idea of writing someday, because I now know that I'm not the only who wants to do that. I've stuck to one WIP because of the lovely people who are reading it as I write. I know they won't let me switch it out or give it up. I've found so many new books that I loved or am really, really looking forward to. I've had the chance to talk to other readers, writers, authors, publishers, and bloggers. They're an awesome bunch of people to surround yourself with.
     But, as I was thinking about how great it's been, I have also realized that at one point, I wasn't having nearly as much fun as I am now. I stuck it out, but I had help meeting people and I got to know others. I'm a fairly shy person. I don't particularly like talking to new people because I'm awkward. It's hard to start making connections.
    I made friends and they introduced me to other people. That's how it works. But it can be hard to get yourself out there, to talk to people and build relationships.
    That's why I've come up with this idea.
    I'm not the first person to try something like this, and I won't be the last, but I want to reach out to my readers and the people who may not go to some of the other blogs where things like this happen.
    So. I'm offering to be that friend, the one who will introduce you to new people and friends. I'm going to do a form below this and, if you're a new blogger (or just want to meet some new people!), you can fill it out. This isn't final yet. I'm still seeing if they're are people interested in participating. But I've had great experiences with group things (remember the readathon?) and this community before, so I have faith in trying this.
    Basically, I'll have guest posters on this blog for about a week sometime soon. I'll also be giving others interview partners and guest post swaps and such. The idea is to mingle and to make friends.

Part Two: Randomness

    I miss being sort of silly with you guys, so here's a short update:

    I've started school. All of our teachers have said they're trying not to give us homework, but I think ALL teachers do that at the start of school. It's happened every year for us. But, hopefully, I won't go into a really huge blogging slump. I'm working on getting more blog posts scheduled, so I hope that'll work out!

     I've got a few books on my shelf that I don't really know what to do with. I'm not very interested in reading them anymore (impulse buys. :P). I'm thinking of maybe doing a short giveaway thing where I'll give these books away so that they can at least go to happier homes, where they'll be read.

     I'm plotting super secret things for a friend's birthday (Hi, Riley! I'm not saying, Of course, I can't tell you what they are, but maybe I'll do some sort of post on that. What to give your bookish best friend. Sound good? Leave a comment and let me know if that sounds interesting!

    I've been writing quite a bit recently. I'm nearing 20k, and I'm super excited to hit that point. I'm actually most excited to start editing. I know, I'm weird.

Part Three: Questions

    Eventually, I want to either do a big blog post or a vlog with a Q&A session. I like letting my personality seep through my blog and I like letting people get to know me. So, if you guys want to ask me something, or even just request a vlog idea, I'll put my formspring here and you can ask me questions there. 

Just ask! :)

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Lucia (iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books) said...

Great ideas, Brielle! It is nice to have some buddies in the blogging world. :) Congrats on the 20k! When you get published, remember me! ;D

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