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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review - Meant to Be by Tiffany King

Meant to Be by Tiffany King

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169 pages
Overall Rating: 5 Stars

  I really enjoyed this book. There's something about it that just sucked me in and made me want to curl up and read at supersonic speed. It one of those books. You know, the one where you pick it up, read the first couple of chapters and have to be dragged into bed? You know, the book you can't possibly tear yourself away from; the one where you need to go get something to eat or drink and you just keep thinking "I'll finish this page and then go do it."
  Tiffany is a total sweetheart. She emailed me a copy after I tweeted about wanting to order it soon, but my mom said I'd have to wait because I had too many on their way and that I would drive the mailman insane. Silly mother, I give the mailman a challenge. I think he enjoys those. :)
  I read most of this in a day, and I do mean most of it. I read two chapters then was told to go to be because it was getting late. The next morning I woke up, ate breakfast, and read all but 3-4 chapters and then had to leave or I would be late to a friend's party. I came home, dead tired, and my brain was divided; one half, the one I like to call "Thinky Brain" wanted me to sleep. The other half, the one I like better(hehe) and call my "Reader Lobe", kept screaming "FINISH IT! FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPENSSS!"
  I listened to my Reader Lobe (and payed for it the next day. Still yawning. Well worth it, though.) and finished Meant to Be. And, omigosh, I loved it. I haven't read a book that fast since I first got into YA novels(I'm a total junkie for them, now.)
  For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed that I was yelling at some guy named James on there. That pertains to this story. I will say nothing else. Just read it.
  And for anyone who thinks I'm being full of it; Yuh, not so much. I'm ordering a signed paperback copy of it soon.
  This book throws a lot of cool stuff into the mix; suspense, repeating dreams, teen angst, true love, and lots of other awesomesauce.
  I adore the love elements in this novel. It's all very intense and devoted. Mark's a total dreamboat up here in my Reader Lobe(Shh, don't tell Krista!) and he's such a sweet guy. That's how their entire relationship is: Sweet. It does, of course, has it's struggles.
  There were some grammatical errors, mainly just typos, but I'm quite impressed with it seeing as how it's a self published novel. It's definitely opened my eyes to the world of self-published authors. Note: I love you guys! You don't take no for an answer and you make your own dreams come true! Self-published author lovee! :)
  There's not much else I can say. I really loved it. I definitely recommend it.
  I cannot wait for the sequel!

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Ideas, Pens, and Paper said...

Gah! I;m juggling so many books, and I'm trying to finish this one! But, sadly, they won't allow my Kindle in school. *sad*

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