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Monday, April 18, 2011


Awesome. Yes, as most of you can tell, I like that word. If you can't, scroll back up or look at the URL. *waits*

Alrighty, you understand now? Seeing as how I am in looovvvee with that word, I'd thought I'd compile a small list of things that are awesome. :) So,without further ado, I give you:


1. Kitties. 
Don't lie. You know you love them. 

2. Books
 Well, duh. I mean, that why this blog exists. Do we need to do the whole "scroll-up-look-at-url" thing again?

3. Twitter
I'm on there 24/7. Yo, follow me. (I have no shame.)

4. Sugar
 Why do you think I'm so hyper? Nah, I'm like this naturally.

5. Authors
 I guess this goes up there with Books, but whatever. Authors make books. That makes them awesome.

6. Ninjas.
OMG, Gee, you can't see me. I'm blending in just like a palm tree, tree. (CLICK)
7. Blogs
Yah, another duh item. Oh well.

8. Pretty Pictures! :) 
Hello, I'm easily fascinated. 

9. Free Stuff
I'm also broke. 

Yah, that goes along with Free Stuff. Whatever. By the way, if you like free stuff and giveaways, you should enter my friend Lucia's Giveaway here.

iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

She has this ninja button, therefore she is cool. Yes.


Alex said...

Love it! Yes and Kittie are awesome I will admit! XP

Lucia (iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books) said...

Of course I'm cool! Haha. I love your post. :) Great list. Except number one. Sorry, but I'm a dog person. MINUS TEN ENTRIES FOR YOU. Haha jk.

Brielle said...

@Alex Kitties = <3 :)


Brielle said...

Thank you. I'm neutral and like both! :)


Ideas, Pens, and Paper said...

*finishes THE NINJA GLARE*
I am unseen, you can't see me, 'cuz I'm a ninja, ninja, nija!
Yes. Ninjas are epicsuace. But I disagree with number one. Dogs are WAY better. Well, I like kittens. Because they are small and meow all cutely.

Brielle said...

I like both. I just was on the subject of animals and then went on to books and I forgot to put puppies.
Also, you are so OBVIOUSLY not ninja. Nija, maybe. But not NiNja.


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