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Friday, April 1, 2011

Review - Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

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Page Number: 398 pages
Overall Rating: 5/5
"More than the sound of my own beating heart, I miss the sound of a ticking clock. Time passes. It must pass." 

  I have one thing to say: I LOVED IT! L-O-V-E-D I-T! I ell-oh-vee-ee-dee it.
  I just loved it.
  There was something about this novel, the idea of it, that became very close to me. I have no clue why, because I obviously have not been frozen for multiple centuries and then re-awakened on a ship where everything is strange and calm.
  Perhaps it was all the emotion in the novel that sort of...sunk into me while I was reading. That's how this novel is. You don't just read the words, you feel them.
  Beth Revis is also amazing at descriptions. Her writing gives me so many mental images of miraculous things, such as grav tubes and floppies. You know a novel is good when after you read it, you can tell someone what something (as far as I know..) original to the novel looks like in your head.
  The plot is wonderful, twisting and bending until you see some light. Although, apparently someone is holding a lamp up, because you may see some light, but it could be wrong. Correction - it will be wrong. And when I say this, I mean it.
  While I was reading, I had a suspect list(not unlike Amy's.) and I was scribbling in it for the duration of this novel. I thought I had it figured it out, too. I didn't.
  And that's the craziest part; I had the suspect and why they did it, how they got away with it, and everything. I have to admit, I felt proud of myself. I felt like I was in a crime drama, but in space where everything was unusual.
  I think it was about thirty-forty pages before the end(Not the actual end. The part where the whole 'whodunit' was solved.) that I realized what had actually happened. And it was there all along, hinting.
  If I was forced to complain about something, I guess it would have to be the entire 'love-factor'. There wasn't that much going on here with that. Don't get me wrong, it was there. I just would've liked to see a bit more of all of that. It isn't a romance novel; it's a mystery. 
  I loved how everything was so incredibly deep and never-ending. There was always something new to discover. Beth Revis is a genius for making this work so well. I think in another's hands it would be disastrous.
  Beth Revis, you deserve a medal. I think I would've lost my mind trying to write all of this and have it make sense.
  I can't rant about this any longer, I suppose.
  All in all, I hope you'll read it. I loved it and it was a very interesting and wonderful thing for me to read.


Lucia (iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books) said...

I love AtU, too!! :) Can't wait for the next one.

Shaylene said...

I seriously need to get my hands on this book!!! I've seen so many reviews on it and everyone talks about how much they loved it! Awesome review! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it :)

Irene Jennings said...

I am so glad I found this review. I have been struggling to find something good to read :-) 10 pages of unread books on my kindle, but nothing seems to fit my mood. I think this one just may do that. Thank you :-)

Irene Jennings of Dallas Cold Laser

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