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Friday, March 18, 2011

Songs you should listen to!

This is a list, in alphabetic order(not most favorite to least favorite), of my favorite bands and songs that they sing. :)

*Some of the bands have many, many songs I love. So that this post would not be fifty feet long, I've only included my favorite songs by them/less-commonly known songs.
**Feel free to leave me song recommendations! I love music and would totally love to discover some new stuff!
***If I did not add your favorite song/band on the list, please do not leave a disrespectful comment on the post, such as, "I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T ADD ___ TO THIS! YOU HAVE NO TASTE IN MUSIC!" If you would like to tell me about band/song, leave a comment saying, "You should listen to ___! They're awesome!"
****If you are interested in listening to a song, click the title of the song you would like to listen to. It will link you up to a youtube video of the song. 

On to the List! Happy listening!

30 Seconds to Mars

All American Rejects

All Time Low



Band of Horses

The Big Pink

Breaking Benjamin

Death Cab For Cutie

Florence + The Machine

Frou Frou

The Goo Goo Dolls

Good Charlotte

Green Day



Imogen Heap

James Carrington

Kate Nash

Lady of The Sunshine

The Maine

Matt and Kim

Mumford and Sons

My Chemical Romance

Never Shout Never



Sick Puppies

The Sounds

The Temper Trap

Thriving Ivory


The Wombats

I hope everyone enjoys the music! :D


Akasha Hale & Lexus Salvatore said...

Back off from Mumford and Sons. They are mine. Along with the cookies, tacos, and Damon Salvatore's.

Brielle said...

xD It's called sharing, Akasha.


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