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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Interview with a nerd! (2) Riley from Ideas, pens, and paper.

  Riley is from Ideas, Pens, and Paper. Check her out here. I will be in blue, she will be in purple.

  Who's your favorite author?
  I could never pick one. Sorry.

 What's your favorite book, ever?
 Wow. Never going to be able to pick that one either.

 Use three words to describe yourself.
 Ha. Ha. Ha.

 Use three words to describe your blog.
 Epic. Nerdy. Bookish.

 How long have you been blogging?
 I had an old blog, and I started posting on it a while back. Then I stopped and re-started. I made a new blog, just because the old one wasn't centered around books. I've been working on the new blog for about a week.

 What's your favorite part of reading?
 It's the best form of escapism.

 Electronic Book Reader, Audio, or actual book?
 Actual book.   

 I say, you say:




Florence + The Machine.



Arf! Meow.

- One or The Other(Colored one is answer.)

Pepsi - Coke
Skittles - Puppies
Thunderstorms - Sunny days
Rock - Pop
Rainbows - Butterflies

*About Yourself*
Have any pets?
Yes. Hally and Zoey. They are puppies. :)

Favorite color?
Anything but pink.

What are you reading?
The Body Finder.

Reading, writing, and hanging sparkly things around my room. 

Favorite type of blog posts?

Favorite band?
Florence + The Machine.


If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be?
Ice cream with purple sprinkles.

Describe yourself in a color.
Yellow! (Hehe!)

Write a recipe for youself.
Two cups sweet
Two cups sour
A pinch of epicness.

If you were a song, what song would you be?
Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine. Even though I'm flying solo.

Thanks for the awesome interview, Riley. :D 


Ideas, Pens, and Paper said...

Thanks much for being awesome and posting:D

Brielle said...

Much welcome. :)


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