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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review: Premonitions by Jude Watson

Overall Rating: 3/5
"This time I am certain."

  This wasn't the sort of novel I usually read, but I'm glad that I picked it up, regardless of whether I liked it or not. It helped me understand which genres. I like best and which I should avoid.
  It's a mystery, one that reminds me vaguely of CSI. I would point my finger at someone, absolutely positive that I was correct, but the story would bend into a new lead. At the end, it all snaps into place, causing you to slap your forehead for not being able to to get it right earlier.
  Gracie is completely perfect for the book. She's somewhat cynical and mean, but when you think about her life, you would be too. Gracie is clever, determined, and gifted.
  Diego was good, although he got on my nerves sometimes. The author made him just a bit too perfect, but perhaps that was the idea. He was important to the story, however.
  Shay was pretty awesome, as well. A bit overly protective, sort of paranoid, and food obsessed were some of her little quirks that made her interesting. And though Gracie would disagree with me, she's definitely the mother figure of this novel.
   The storyline is one that you must sit down and read, or else you lose the depth of it all. It's difficult to get into if you don't pay attention.
  Overall, it was a good book, but not my typical cup of tea. Perhaps someone who likes mystery novels would enjoy it more.


Kare said...

AHHHH! I loved this book! I sort of freaked out when I saw that you reviewed it. Call me a nerd :D

Brielle said...

Ah, I'm a nerd too. It's fun, huh?

Sackboy said...

I Love This Book 10 out of 10 You?

Kenna said...

This book is one of my all-time favorites, I absolutely adored it! Have you ever read the sequel?

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