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Thursday, October 13, 2011

BBM: Angela - Literary Addiction or Healthy Obsession?

Today, we have Angela! She’ll be talking about her obsession with keeping books, even the ones she didn’t like. Hope you enjoy her post! :)
I don't know about any of you ~ Hi, by the way :). My name is Angela ~ but reading and writing YA are not only hobbies to me, they're obsessions. I have over 1000 in my collection. For some reason, even if I didn't REALLY enjoy it, I tend to place it on my shelf with those that left me breathless and sadly sighing because the story was over.
To my friends I am their own personal librarian. One of them always asks, “Is this any good?” and if I answer “No” or “Not really” they always laugh and ask me why I keep it. The honest answer is always, ALWAYS “I have no idea”
The proof is in the pictures...
mwnbefv photo
(The sad part is that I have 5 more bookshelves that were too incredibly messy to take pictures of… FULL. )
Maybe I keep them in hopes that reading it the second go-round will be better????
Am I the only OCD, crazy person that does this or do any of you guys develop a weird attachment to the books you read, even if you didn’t really like them? I’d like to hear your thoughts… do I need professional help for literary addiction?
Nice to meet y’all — Angela

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