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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pet peeves...for books?

  Recently, I've discovered that I'm rather uptight about my books. I thought I should make a list, just for a fun post, of everything you could do to annoy me.

1.) Dog-ear the pages.
 This has to be one of the most annoying things ever. I've lent people a book, only to discover that they've bent several of the pages down. I absolutely despise this method of keeping track of what page you're on, partially because I've found that it isn't very effective.

2.) Dirty fingers!
  I'm also quite irritated when someone eats something while reading and I can clearly see finger smudges on each page. I remember when I got back my copy of Eclipse and there were Cheetos colored fingerprints on the edges. *grimmaces*
3.) Rip it.
My gosh, this has got to be one of the top things. I think I might cry if I really had loved the book. Well, first I would have to kill this horrible person that has decided to rip my book. After, I would have to impale them. And of course, I'd need to buy a new copy.

4.) Take out my bookmark.
  I don't know how many times someone has done this to me, thinking it'd be funny to see me scream at them. However, the scenario doesn't usually happen this way. It usually results in me scramling around, looking for a new bookmark, then flipping through pages, trying to figure out where I had stopped.
  If you're one of the people that thinks this is funny, stop it. It isn't funny. And you'll most likely get whacked over the head with a book.

5.) Stickers are mean!
 You know the stickers that stores frequently put on the dust jacket, usually to tell the price? I hate them, with a passion. They always seem to tear and leave a sticky mess of glued on paper on my book, which makes me angry.

Those are my top five. What annoys you when it comes to books?

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