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Friday, February 25, 2011

Interview with a nerd!

Today, I'm going to be interviewing Beth from BethsBlogCentral. Check her out! :)

Hey, thanks for being on the blog.
Hello. *grins slyly.*

Alright. o_O Let's get started. What's your favorite book, of all time.
Can it be a series?  
The Jason and Aazazel series by V.J. Chambers. Jason is hot. ;)

Have a favorite author?
Yes, that would be Lurlene McDaniel.

What do you like about your blog?
The Harry Potter background. :)

Describe yourself in three words...other than Harry-Potter-fangirl.
Hmm, that's hard. What about four words? Big Time Rush fangirl? Wait, I can do three. Kendall's Future Wife. ;)

Uhm, alright. Describe your blog in three words.
Awesome, epic, nerdsome.

Book character you'd like to marry most. (Kendall has not been in a book.)
I can't pick! Ahhh!

Beth blogs about books. Send her some love! :)


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