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Sunday, May 15, 2011


  On June 4th, Tiffany King, Missy, Rachel, Jaime, Patricia, and I are hosting a readathon. We've tried to make this as fun as possible, so there will be prizes, trivia, and more! Below is the signup sheet.

For the Prizes:

We will be giving away several prizes. Each hour, we will be asking trivia questions. The first response we get to said question will win a prize.

Also, for a few determined people, there are a few other ways to win stuff.

These people will win something:

The person who reads the most.
The person who reads the longest.

The Grand Prize winner:

One lucky readathoner will be randomly selected from the signup sheet. This Person will get to pick first, from all the stuff. 

How Prizes will be divided up:

The Grand Prize winner will be the first to select a prize. Then the person who reads the longest, and then the person who reads the most. After that, the trivia winners will select in the order of the trivia questions.

Sally won the first trvia question. Jim won the second. Sally will pick before Jim.

  1. You can read anything you like, including ARC's.
  2. NO SPOILERS! Please don't spoil a book for the rest of us.
  3. You MUST sign up. If you do not sign up, then you are not eligible for the giveaways.
  4. You must be at least 13 to participate in the giveaways. Also, please have your parents permission if you are under 18.
  5. All prizes are being donated. The person who donated said item will decide where they will ship. It will be added to the list.
  6. If you donate something, please make sure it is book related. (Ex. Don't donate a pair of shoes.)

Remember to have fun and spread the word!


    Brittany Howard said...

    Hmmm.... I'm definitely interested, but I'm still a little curious as to how everything is going to work. How do we log what we're reading, how long we've read, etc? Do we document on our own blog and you'll link to all the participant blogs? Or will there be a forum here on your blog? We could of course have a hashtag on twitter. Before I sign up, I'd just like a few more details as to how it's all going to go down....

    Thanks! Great idea!

    Ash said...

    I'm interested but I need more information along the lines of what Brittany above me questioned. :)

    Bookluvr Mindy said...

    FYI...Great idea. I think this will be fun. I will keep you posted on what I will donate as my giveaway.
    My question is; are you planning on listing all the participants? Like twitter names, so we can follow the day of?

    Brielle said...

    We're working on setting up a chat that everyone can sign up for and participate there. I will let everyone know how that works out.

    I will list all of the participants on the 4th. That way, people will have plenty of time to sign up.

    As for how we document how long you've read. We can do that on Twitter. Or goodreads. Also, on the 4th, there will be a post up here and you comment on it.

    If you have anymore questions, you can email me or just ask away here.


    Bookluvr Mindy said...

    Oooo! Even better! I'm loving it!

    Paranormal Night Owls said...

    Salvatore and I are interested. We both have millions ( not for real ) of books that we need to read. So, what a better way to finish reading them than an Readathon. Thanks for hosting this. We cannot wait.

    -Akasha Hale

    Bookluvr Mindy said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Bookluvr Mindy said...

    Is everyone going to follow one particular time zone and are we doing it from midnight to midnight?

    SarahEm said...

    Just signed up. What time does the read-a-thon start?

    Brielle said...

    It starts at Noon on whatever time zone you're on. Ends at Noon the net day.

    Bittner said...

    I just signed up! I didn't do so well with my last readathon but I don't work this weekend so hopefully I'll be more productive.

    Erin said...

    I'm signed up! I found out about it late, so I can't do the whole 24 hours, but I'll be upping my reading :-) Looking forward to it!

    Unknown said...

    awesome I'm doing it!

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