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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part One

Yes, I am going to talk about a movie. But it's a movie based on a book, so it's relevant. Also, this post will contain spoilers for both the book, Breaking Dawn, and the movie based on it.


The movie stays pretty true to the book, unlike some of the others. There's not a lot of it that they've changed.

The soundtrack was awesome, just like the rest of them. You can hate the movies all you like, but I love the music.

The acting was slightly better in this one. Don't really know what it was, but it was there.

The scenes where Bella's life is flashing through her eyes was pretty good, too. Like I imagined it.

Bella definitely looked sick. They worked some freaking magic with making her look thin and bony.


It did kind of feel a little tiresome. I know the book was tiresome for me too, though, because it took me eight days to finish, when I got the first three in around 2-4 days. But still. A little less ZOMG, NO BELLA and a little more the wolf pack is gonna kill you, please?

Birth scene. 'nuff said.

Speaking of, I wish the wolf pack tension was a little more prominent. There was one scene that was excellent, in my opinion, where the pack is tricked while the Cullens are able to leave. That was a nice one. The rest of it was sort of...meh.

Can we please discuss the very end? Okay, I know it's been like, three years since I read breaking dawn, but please tell me I'm not the only one who doesn't remember the whole, "Oh look, my baby!" scene? I know Bella lives, but I thought the idea of Edward tearing Nessie out of Bella's stomach and then being like, "LOOK BELLA." was stupid. It was like this:

Edward: "Lookie! Here's the baby!"
Bella: "Wheee." *Is internally bleeding*
Edward: "She's pretty. I like her."
Bella: *dead*

This is the equivalent of a girl getting shot and her boyfriend, instead of calling an ambulance, is trying to show her a shiny rock. *headdesk* Epic fail on that one, guys. Here's a bit of advice. If you are a guy, and your girlfriend is about to die, maybe you should hold out on showing her the shiny rock/baby. She'll appreciate it later. You know. When she's not dead.


Honeymoon. 'nuff said.

The scene where they're showing that Jacob imprinted on Nessie? That was kind of annoying. I don't really mind it as much, because they couldn't have really had Jacob be like, "I imprinted!" Or like, have him burst into song or something. But the flashes of Nessie as a teen and stuff were kind of annoying, especially since the little girl was either wearing some sort of very fake looking wig, or the effect they used were just not so good on that. So yeah. Kind of annoying, but okay for movies, I guess.

Final statement:

Breaking Dawn had a pretty good setup, but I'm not fond of the book itself, so. It's probably the best one of the bunch. I'm not particularly looking forward to the next, considering I know all about the anti-climatic ending, but I will probably see it anyway.

What'd you guys think of the movie? Leave a comment.


Julia :) said...

Hahahaha I haven't read any of these books (unless you count a few pages of Twilight) or seen any of the movies (okay about 1/3 of New Moon) but I still love reading these posts about Breaking Dawn. That whole birthing thing with the "Look Bella!" is absolutely hilarious. As if Edward wasn't an unfit husband before he kind of clinched it right there. :P

We Heart YA said...

Only one of us has seen the movie, so it's probably not fair to comment yet. (Although, Sarah did say she enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect, but it was enjoyable.)

"The soundtrack was awesome, just like the rest of them. You can hate the movies all you like, but I love the music."

Heck yes! That's always our thought when these movies come out.

LOL at the idea of Jacob breaking into song. Now THAT would be worth seeing.

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