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Sunday, May 1, 2011

IMM (8)

 In my Mailbox is hosted by Kirsti over at The Story Siren.

  So, I sorta didn't post an IMM last week. I was on a mini vacation and didn't have all my books with me. In other words, I'M SOWRY! Here, I give you cookies. *hand cookies* See? All better. :)


This week I got:

*sigh* Nothing. It's called saving, okay? (I'm not very good at it..)

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins (Thank you, Kare! *hugs*)
Unearthly by Cynthia Hand (Thankith much, Riley. {The 'thankith much' is sorta an inside joke. Haha.})
Signed Half-Blood ARC by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Thank you, Jen and RCL!)

Signed Half-Blood bookmark ( {Came with Half-Blood ARC} Thank you, Jen and RCL!)

From my Pen Pal:
Kare from Epic Booknerd and I have been sending each other awesomesauce letters in the mail. Like, the snail-mail. It's very fun to go check the mail and see little pretties waiting on you. :) This is what I got from her this week.

The Ninja Kit (Manufactured by none-other than Epic Booknerd Inc.) includes:

  • One Rubber Ducky tissue (Which I totally haven't been looking for at the store...)
  • One Care Bear Dress up sticker sheet (The thing that my flash TOTALLY killed. *sadface*)
  • One Paper airplane
  • One dinosaur coloring sheet (Which I need to color or something. Haha)
  • One Superhero Word Search
  • One List of the included items
  • One list of Warnings that Epic Booknerd Inc. is NOT responsible for.
  • One Letter from the sender
  • One Rubber band/Magical stretchy thing. (Haha.)
  • And a Hello Kitty Band-aid to seal it all up (Who is now happily living on my wall and has been replaced by a piece of tape.

    Thanks, Kare! :)

    So, what'd you get in your mailbox?


    Aleetha said...

    Those all three books that you received are on my wishlist. You are so lucky. I hope I can read your thought about those book soon. Can you read the Half Blood first? I have not read many review about it

    It's all about Books

    Brielle said...

    Awh, I hope you get your hands on them! I got Hex Hall through RAK. If you don't know about that, you should definitely sign up! :) Link:

    I've already reviewed Hex Hall and I think I'll be reading Half-Blood soon. :)


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