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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Team L, birthdays, and randomness.

So, I'm going to be nice and warn you beforehand, this is going to be random.

I've recently re-discovered the wonderful thing called Death Note. Surprise, surprise, I still love it. Of course, I love it a lot more now. When I actually knew what it was, I was watching it on TV and had next to no clue what was going on. A couple of years later, I found some of the manga at my library, which was awesome, even though they weren't allowed for check out.
Now the TV series has popped up again, and I must say, I've gotten very into it. I'm becoming quite obsessed with the entire thing, especially L. And before you ask, I know what happens to him. I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret (Yes, I just quoted L.), and never, ever mention it again.
However, I cannot even begin to explain how infuriating the show can be at times, between Light and the notebook. It gets confusing, but only starting somewhere near episode seventeen. There's this entire thing where suddenly, the entire plot just shifts. It was quite odd. Then again, if you aren't paying attention to the things that are going on, you'll be helplessly lost anyways.
And I love L and his sugar, and how he sits, and how his pupils are gigantic, and..
Well, I could go on forever. *giggle*

My birthday is coming up soon, and quite frankly, I'm not ready for it. No, not in the sense of I don't feel another year older yet, more of I'm not actually ready for it. My parents haven't made any arrangements, I don't really have anything planned, and...
It's just all a mess, alright?

Although, Riley, I promise you. We shall have a cheese puff high, discuss Death note (My L would like to meet your L.), and just act stupid. I think this is a grand idea, how about you?

Well, seeing as the sun is beginning to come up, I think I shall go to sleep now. Goodni- er...morning? Eh, I'll just say sweet dreams. Bye!


Riley's Blog said...

Sounds good to me! We are insane, aren't we? Bri, this cannot be good. We are both obsessing over the same boy (solved by clones, thank you) and he's anime.....oh well. I like crazy people. :D

Brielle said...

You better. (:

Kare said...

Oooo cheese puff high? You really know how to party eh?

Brielle said...

You know it. (:


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