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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In which Brielle attempts to explain her absence, but fails miserably.

So, hi? Remember me? Wow, the blog post thing looks so weird now. Anyways, I am Brielle, I knew you many moons ago, perhaps, unless you're new. So, yeah, here's a list, because I can probably talk better through a list right now.

1. I am a failure
   A. I haven't posted in several weeks.
   B. I haven't finished much of anything in several weeks.
   C. I haven't even been on Twitter much lately.

2. Why I am a failure
    A. See above.

3. My excuses for why I've become a failure.
    A. October through January starts like, lots of parties and stuff. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, my birthday, etc. So I'd be busy already. Last year I wasn't really into blogging when all this happened. 
    B. I also went through a super sudden move to a new house. Hello, new house. Meet the blog.
    C. I got into not blogging. Kind of stuck that way, didn't it?

4. Some things I've kind of gotta break to you guys.
    A. My first post back in forever is a post about why I've been gone.
    B. I think I'm going to take an actual break from blogging for a bit. Yes, I did just take one, but not entirely by choice. Just was super busy. But now I'm settled and I kind of just keep seeing books and knowing they're going to be awesome, but hesitant to read them because I know it's something like a job.
    C. My first post back in forever is a post about why I'm going to be gone again.

5. Why I'm taking a break for a bit.
    A. Reading has been a little meh lately. Not that I don't like books still, I'm just kind of flopping around like, me no like reading things to analyze them.
    B. I've been writing a lot more. When I started this blog, I was upset that I couldn't get any attempted manuscripts to work out, and then I got mine to work, and then another, and now I'm kind of preoccupied with that.

6. Things I'd like to say
    A. I still love you guys.
    B. I still love BOOKS.
    C. I'm not leaving forever, just until I get my mojo back.
    D. Why did I just use the word mojo?
    E. I still like capes.

To further prove my confusion to blogging right now, I've illustrated what I feel like. 


Katie (The Literary Files) said...

Awww Brielle you're totally not a failure! I know tons of bloggers who needed a break! (Heck, I took one that was like five months long!) I hope you have an awesome break from blogging and just know we'll all be here when you get back!
You rock, Brielle! :D

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Unknown said...
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