Note: This time of year is always very busy for me. Last year, I hadn't really started blogging yet, so I was able to keep myself above the craziness. This year, I am. My blog is slightly inactive due to the holiday craze. Hopefully will return to the regular posting after the new year. :)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Returning to the blog again.

Oh, no, I didn't really ever leave you. I love the blogosphere just a little too much to leave any time soon, but I'd like to just say that I'm returning, for real.

I've just been busy. The holiday season (yes, Halloween totally counts for me. One of my favorite holidays!) is always busy for my family. There's been Halloween parties, trick-or-treating (You're never too old?), volunteer work, preparing for the big Holidays, etc. Between those things and all of my various hobbies, blogging got shoved to the back burner somehow. I've not even really been active on Twitter lately. So, yeah, I've been busy.

But I'm baaack.

...I feel like there should be some creepy theme song music playing right now. Maybe that's just because it was Halloween yesterday? Oh well. I'll leave you with this song. It's currently what I'm listening to.

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