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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My book wishlist!

  1. Hush, Hush – Becca Fitzpatrick
  2. Crescendo – Becca Fitzpatrick 
  3. Fallen – Lauren Kate
  4. Torment – Lauren Kate
  5. Halo – Alexandra Adornetto
  6. Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia
  7. Royal Blood - Ellen Schreiber
  8. Love Bites – Ellen Schreiber
  9. Before I fall – Lauren Oliver
  10. If I stay – Gayle Forman
  11. 13 Reasons Why – Jay Asher
  12. Fixing Delilah – Sarah Ockler
  13. The Replacement – Brenna Yovanoff
  14. Incarceron – Catherine Fisher
  15. Demonglass – Rachel Hawkins
  16. Unearthly – Cynthia Hand


Kare said...

I am fairly sure we have a similar wish list... :D (the annoying commenter strikes again)

Kare said...

just reading your profile and I think its totally awesome that you wish you were British... I am right there with you!!

Brielle said...

Kare: Haha, that's pretty awesome. And, I shall pretend that you are being annoying:

"Ah, foiled by the booknerd ninja again!" *shakes fist in air.*

And yes, I'd love to be British! I swear, if I ever met someone who was British, I'd probably just embarrass myself asking them to say different things. Lol.


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